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Hi all
I just thought of this blog, I never update when I finish the study early in 2010, I do not thinkthat there are visitors of this blog. from now on I will try to revive this blog with new ideas,enjoys sharing knowledge with you.

my best regards

dr. Awaluddin

Medical Progress

Migraines & Headaches Treatment & Care

Migraine Headache Treatment: Preventive and Abortive Migraine Medication Migraine medicines can prevent a migraine attack while others are available for when the pain becomes intense. Here are the options from our doctors at Headache Medications: Tips on Taking Them Finding the right migraine medication takes time. It also means following certain guidelines. Migraine Medications:… Continue reading Migraines & Headaches Treatment & Care

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Migraines Reduce Workplace Productivity

Sept. 11, 2009 — Whether sufferers stay at home or go to work, migraines are a major, largely unrecognized cause of lost workplace productivity, new research suggests. In one study, researchers evaluated the impact of migraine attacks on employee productivity by surveying just over 500 people who averaged two to eight migraines per month. Because… Continue reading Migraines Reduce Workplace Productivity

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Forehead Lift Cures Migraine Patients

July 31, 2009 – Stacy Porter, 29, can’t remember a time when she didn’t suffer from crippling, relentless migraines before having the surgery that changed her life eight years ago. “I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 2 years old,” the New Philadelphia, Ohio, marketing executive tells WebMD. “I had about 15 days a… Continue reading Forehead Lift Cures Migraine Patients